About revalidation: Appraisal

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Appraisal was introduced for doctors in the NHS in 2001. Revalidation aims to build on this by establishing appraisal for all doctors in and outside the NHS across the UK.

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Annual appraisals are the core mechanism through which revalidation functions.

All doctors must have an annual appraisal which is based on the principles of the main guidance document for doctors, Good Medical Practice. It is a requirement of the designated body to provide and support the appraisal process.

Appraisal systems are organisational processes that are designed to support employees. A trained appraiser meets with a colleague to discuss their performance so far, where they are currently in their practice and where they hope to develop themselves in the future.

Whole practice appraisal is encouraged by the GMC. Many doctors have multiple roles, often across multiple organisations. The appraisal discussion is intended to cover the full breadth of practice including the collection of supporting information from across all roles and settings.

The GMC provides guidance about how appraisal should be structured in their appraisal framework. This is based on Good medical practice, and allows doctors to demonstrate professional values. The framework consists of four domains which cover the range of medical practice. They are:

  1. Knowledge, skills and performance
  2. Safety and quality
  3. Communication, partnership and teamwork
  4. Maintaining trust.

The medical royal colleges and faculties also provide doctors with advice and guidance about how you can meet the requirements in their particular specialties including general practice.

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