Revalidation as an Activity System

The UMbRELLA evaluation of medical revalidation in the UK conceptualises revalidation as an ‘activity system’, drawing on Cultural Historical Activity Theory.

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Go to our website and get 10 euro ohne einzahlung. Hurry up to go and start winning. The figure below shows an example of how revalidation can be broken down into a number of constituent elements. Revalidation actually consists of a number of different activities which are outlined in our pages about revalidation . By conceptualising revalidation as a series of activities within a complex system that is shaped by cultural and historical factors, we plan to collect data from across the system of healthcare to understand how revalidation is having an impact on doctors and healthcare delivery as well as how healthcare delivery and doctors are impacting on revalidation.


We will use this conceptual framework to guide our approach to data collection and our analyses. We will seek to collect data across all the elements of the activity system and will map our findings back to the activity system model.

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