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Do you want to be involved in a major evaluative research study into the regulatory impacts of medical revalidation, commissioned by the General Medical Council, and delivered independently by a UK-wide collaboration? Here’s how:

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Survey of doctors in practice in the UK 


We are now surveying four groups of doctors to learn more about their views and experiences of connecting to their designated bodies, and participating in annual appraisal and revalidation.

The four groups are:

  • Doctors in independent practice
  • Locum doctors
  • Staff and Associate Specialist doctors
  • Doctors with no prescribed connection


If you belong to one of these groups, please check for emails from UMbRELLA inviting you to take part in our surveys.

Frequently asked questions about the survey are available here:

                                       Survey FAQs

Learning about your experiences of and your views about appraisal, supporting information and revalidation will enable us to build a picture of how these processes are impacting on doctors and their delivery of healthcare across the UK. We seek to understand revalidation in the first cycle so that the GMC can further shape revalidation in the future. While the research is independent of the GMC, it will be used by them to inform revalidation policy and practice.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Research Activities: doctors referred to Fitness to Practise procedures

As part of the wider UMbRELLA study, we are interested to know if appraisal, as a revalidation mechanism, can facilitate the identification and remedy of potential concerns about doctors before they become Fitness to Practise referrals.

In order to explore this, we would like to analyse the appraisal documentation of doctors who have been referred to the GMC’s Fitness to Practise procedures by their employer and whose FTP case is now resolved.

If this applies to you, please see the Frequently Asked Questions about this aspect of our research and get in touch if you may be interested in participating. We would like to analyse your appraisal documentation from the five years preceding the FTP referral in order to undertake a Root Cause Analysis to explore whether the issues which raised concerns could have been identified earlier and remedied locally. 

Keep up to date! 

The latest developments to the study will be announced here. Bookmark this Website and you will be kept up to date on our findings and publications, or follow us on TwitterFacebook and Linkedin.

If you have any queries, including those relating to the survey, then please contact us on



In particular, we are interested in:

  • How appraisal happens for doctors working in different healthcare settings and specialties
  • How appraisal happens for doctors whose practice is mixed or split between diverse types of work
  • Whether revalidation and appraisal are consistent for all doctors, regardless of their protected characteristics such as gender or demographic status such as job role.

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